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    Old AS macro broken, what now?

    Used to use this macro before 5.1:
    #showtooltip Arcane Shot
    /cast Arcane Shot
    /cast Dire Beast
    And it worked pretty well... but since 5.1, it never ever cast Dire Beast. Is there any way to get this macro working again? (The way I keybinded all my abilities, all my usual keys are used. I need to press a button or use an unusual key, which isn't optimal for me, so I would like very much so for that macro to work again!)

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    It was never supposed to work. It was fixed.

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    Free up a keybind.
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    I actually just spec'ed into Thrill of the Hunt instead, tried an LFR. 8th on Stone Guards, 1st on Meng, 3rd on Spirit-dude... no key to use, went "ok" I guess. But I might try to keybind DB, /sigh.

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    Fervor is the "in between" ability, it's still an ability you have to press, but it's off the GCD, so it's a bit "easier" to use.

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    It was a bug that got fixed.

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    It was an awesome bug haha.

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    /cast Arcane Shot
    /pet attack
    /cast Dire Beast [modifier:shift]

    Not looking at my macros currently so I may be wrong on the exact language, but something like this should allow you to spam arcanes and shift cast Dire Beast when you choose.

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    They also fixed the macro that included AS+GT, which is unfortunate but not that big of a deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Divinespeed View Post
    They also fixed the macro that included AS+GT, which is unfortunate but not that big of a deal.
    Well, it was the same thing as DB+AS macro. You are not allowed to have 2 GCD abilites working in 1 macro(without syntax such as castsequence etc. of course).

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    One more button make no difference for us ;]

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    You're better off, trust me. Arcane shots are for burning focus, I can guarantee you were focus capping with that macro suddenly casting a focus-generating ability instead. I really do understand the temptation to macro these things, we just have too many buttons to press ATM. I actually had to buy a new mouse with MoP to be able to bind everything I wanted close at hand.

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    Play like you were suppose to play.. that's now what :P

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    I noticed that on 5.1 patch day... took you quite a bit.

    Went for "Thrill of the Hunt" instead. Really sad to see that nice "bug" go.

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