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    need help of improving target player and mods

    Hi everyone, i been playing wow since late cata and I have a hard time targeting the player or mods when they stack together (obv I click to target, I keybind everything else but click to target ) my friend told me this is a very bad habit and I wouldnt react fast enough. So can anyone share the experience on this? Since I wanna get into more serious pvp later in the next season
    Than you very much

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    Ideally you'd have absolutely every function keybound so you can always use your mouse to move. That won't happen in reality, but it's worthwhile to do the best you can to both minimize clicking and maximize your input speed. It's really not a big difference, but every bit helps right? As an example, I use the following binds for targeting (note that I heal, so friendly targeting is prioritized). Anything not covered here (i.e. pets, battlegrounds) I have to click.

    Tab: target nearest enemy player
    Shift-tab: focus current target
    Ctrl-tab: target last target
    Mwheel up: /target party1
    Mwheel click: target player
    Mwheel down: /target party2
    Shift-mwheel up: /focus arena1
    Shift-mwheel click: /focus arena2
    Shift-mwheel down: /focus arena3
    Alt-mwheel up: /target arena1
    Alt-mwheel click: /target arena2
    Alt-mwheel down: /target arena3

    You have to make macros for enemy arena targeting and bind those on an actionbar. Target party 1+2 can be bound through the ingame keybinds interface, but it will alternate between your intended target and his pet (if he has one) if you hit it multiple times, which may or may not be desirable. Target nearest enemy player is an improvement over target nearest enemy for battlegrounds, since you don't have to cycle through totems and pets and whatnot.

    In addition to those, pretargeted spell macros are very popular for certain abilities, since they save you a keystroke ingame. You didn't mention which class you play, but these are very nice for CC, interrupts, dispels, and targeted utility spells (paladin hands, leap of faith, intervene, etc.). To be completely honest, I think having dispels and interrupts (at the very least) set up this way is a bigger difference than having targeting binds. If you're interested, the macro format for these would be:

    /cast [@arena1] spellname
    /cast [@party1] spellname

    You can use focus macros instead of arenatarget ones to get coverage in more general areas of the game, but it's an inferior setup for arenas.

    These are just ideals, and you don't actually need any of them to compete on a high level, but they all make your gameplay a little smoother and faster.

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