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    4-Box Idea

    Posting This to see what the community thinks.

    Prologue- 3 of my closest friends stopped playing D3 long before any patches fixed anything (say up to 3 weeks after launch). I have been allowed access to to all 3 accounts, giving me a grand total of 4 accounts to Multi-box.

    the Idea- take 4 of X class and run ubrs (or farm- slight build changes) runs my self. X class will be monk for me (since that's what I play on my personal account and have a fairly descent working knowledge of the class).

    The Builds:
    Monk 1: Increase Damage to mob
    Monk 2: Fire Based w/ Reduced Damage from Mob
    Monk 3: utility/Buffs
    Monk 4: healing/slow

    First, this will be just for fun and to see how well it does - def won't beat say 4x Barbs. Secondly, at present I don't expect the builds to EVER efficiently farm say MP7+, but for MP1-6 (prob around 3/4 will be ideal). Monk 2 will be sort of an exception for gear, focusing on items that will increase the fire damage output. Should also affect the Ally as well. If you take the time to look at each build you'll notice I use Crippling wave and Deadly Reach. FoT does provide more Raw damage, but when building I wanted skills that will benefit the group more as a whole.

    I also wanted to avoid the standard cookie cutter monk builds (The TR speed run build or the Standard defense/buff up build). The ally's provide "extra" targets for Mobs, additional damage, additional benefits and give the class a change in flavor from the norm. The 2 major sources of Damage are Sweaping Winds and 7-sided strike. 7-sided strike is another good immunity from annoying combos like arcane or fire chains while providing significant damage.

    Last thought before I submit- I'm fairly certain that to an extant these builds COULD be used solo (all be it rather ruff going), but will only really shine/work when used in a group setup.

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    You're best off gearing the shit out of 1 or 2 monks so it can solo carry and then have the other ones in max MF gear doing nothing but looting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glurp View Post
    You're best off gearing the shit out of 1 or 2 monks so it can solo carry and then have the other ones in max MF gear doing nothing but looting.
    he will hit a point though where upgrading his 1 monk would be more costly than upgrading other monks more beneficially in todays market

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    Upgrades are expensive. At this point, it's around 50-100m per upgrade for me, minimum

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    I like the slow discussion build up.

    @Glurp, your probably right untill all 4 hit paragon 100 (roughly the same time)- on mp0 that would be 375 (Nv5 included) mf/gf. Enough to find decent item, MP level will improve that % and their is plenty of great/decent items that include mf on them.

    Right now I'm looking to grab 4 scorns with roughly same stats for 2m per. I know I know, You said you wanted to avoid cookie cutter specs, so why the skorn? Many of the monk abilities are based of the Weapons damage, not its/the monks DPS. This means Higher min/max damage range like the scorns will have the abilities hit harder. Though in the end I do think I'll end up with several inna's pieces.

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    If you haven't seen this guy you should probably check it out.

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