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    Sure, being a "harmless" woman helps in some situations. I can calm people down with a gentle voice faster than my Marine boyfriend can intimidate them down. However, you take a big risk by getting involved, no matter your approach.
    Yeah exactly. It feels less intrusive with a girl talking about stopping, than a guy, that they often just see as an opponent siding with the one they're beating up/want to beat up
    I would find it overly charming with a place having a female door-man. Not sure it would work in reality though <.<
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    An example of fight or flight - you could have defended the man and likely gotten yourself seriously injured or killed; or you could have ignored it and continued with your day. You decided to flee. You have nothing to be ashamed of, most of the world's population would have done the same. Anyone who says otherwise is full of shit, until you are put in that situation you have absolutely NO idea what you would do. You may be a coward, you may not be heroic, but at least you are alive I suppose.

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    I kissed a girl and i liked it keeps popping in my head everytime I see this thread. you've gone and done that for me, too.

    OT: Not your fault, though it's perfectly normal to feel guilty. Just do your best to get over it, remember there was truly nothing you could do that would have been a better choice than what you did.

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    if you cannot trust the authorities to defend the people, how the hell would you expect a simple citizen to do heroic acts of deeds alone?
    if you interfered with that, you and your relatives might have ended up dead too. you did what everyone would've done in that particular situation. do some stuff with friends. let yourself be surrounded by them to take your might off that incident. hopefully you'll be able to recover from the damage this has done to you.

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