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    MoP Loot Filter

    Hey Guys. I've been using the addon 'trashcan' to delete junk items / unwanted white items for ages now, and although its hardly ever in date it usually still works with load out of date addons.

    Unfortunately though it seems that 5.1 broke it and it no longer works for grey items (still works for whites though for some reason...)

    Does anyone know of a working addon for doing the same thing? Doesn't have to be recent, as long as it works!

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    That addon sounds like it will accomplish what you want.
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    SellJunk is what i use, it doesn't sell stuff automatically sell stuff just gives you a little box you click on the vendor window to selll the junk. and i believe you can add specific white items to the list of items that will be automatically sold as well.
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    Thanks for the replies. These are definitely better than vendoring everything manually, but I was hoping for an addon that either
    A - Prevents grey items from being looted in the first place, or
    B - Deletes them as soon as they are auto-looted into your inventory.
    Basically so i don't have to leave my fishing spot to find a vendor, sell everything and fly back.

    Edit: I just noticed Autovendor has a "/dropcheapest" command and selljunk a similar function, but I imagine this is a single use thing and not a toggle on/off feature.
    Will give it a try later
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