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    it's very very random. Sometimes I might get 1 drop in the whole week, it it would be useless. Sometimes I can get 4 drops in one dungeon.
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    Hi guys! This game has been out for eight years now so I think it's time we all had a discussion about RNG and it's implications for loot drops!

    Personally, I noticed an RNG pattern that was not strictly compatible with the stated or expected drop rates, is this bugged? I bet it is! It' s certainly worth making a forum thread about!

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    I think that's completely normal, and probably more the norm to get nothing. You'll get tons of people coming here to this post to brag about how they got every piece of gear dropped on every boss on every run - but they seem to be the more rare scenerio. I think no loot at all is much more common than it's made out to be.

    Oh, and this tidbit RNG = random number generator = random.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firebert View Post
    The drop rate is 4/25, or 16%. One every 6.25 bosses.
    Where's your source? Just curious.

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    How exactly does loot work in LFR? More precisely, is it just like 25 man; boss drops x number of items, then each item is attributed to a player?

    If so, wouldn't your chance of winning something be affected by your class, meaning hunters (for example) would have more chance of winning something because they're only 2-3 "rolling" on agi mail, as opposed to the 10+ clothies going for cloth pieces?

    In any case it's always just a random chance, but my question is to determine whether your class affects your chances.

    Or did blizzard think this through and adjust loot so more cloth pieces drop?
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    71 bosses killed as of yesterday (I haven't been doing LFR to completion every week) and 33 coins burned for a total of 104 chances at loot. I've currently received 5 total drops (one of which was a downgrade from my VP item).

    I know RNG is RNG, but they really should think about how this impacts player experience, because I'm that guy that bails when LFRs bog down (why spend more than 1 wipe on a boss that will most likely reward me nothing but 28g) or I get to a boss I don't need and I do that solely because I know the odds are getting loot are less than getting 28g.

    It's become a running joke in my guild about how few drops most people get from LFR, which was kind of funny at first, but it's turned most people off to the experience and they either don't run LFR, or only run the bosses they specifically want and bail on the rest of the run because 28g and some VP isn't a decent enough reward.

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    I had bad luck with drops the first 3 weeks, but it's came back up from there since then. My alt actually has had tremendous luck. Got 496 Tier drops from Sha of Anger the first two times I did him on my monk.

    The only thing I'm annoyed with Blizzard about right now is the lack of weapon options for PvE players. You would think there would be at least 483 weapon options via Blood Spirits considering PvPers get Conquest weapons. So here I sit STILL using just Heroic daggers because killing Stone Guard and Lei Shi (using Charms on each) I still haven't gotten a single dagger drop. And I need two of them of course.

    Ironically this is exactly what happened to me in Cata as well -- went 3 months without a dagger upgrade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scathbais View Post
    True, however if you go 15 bosses without loot, you still only have a 16% chance to get loot on the 16th boss.
    This is what MoFalcon was going on about, yes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blitzo View Post
    Where's your source? Just curious.
    Some blue post somewhere.

    I know the onus is on me to find it, but I'm too lazy to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Firebert View Post
    This is what MoFalcon was going on about, yes.

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    Thank you! someone gets what i was saying.

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    It's random and the drop rate is certainly nowhere near 33%. More like 12-15% from what I've read.

    But mostly it's random.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thalur View Post
    It's random. My shaman usually gets 5 items per week, while my druid hardly gets anything. Drop rates are low but with charms you usually get several items per week if you do all LFR parts.
    You must be lucky if you get so much.
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    Never get anything on any of my chars. Just doing it for VP.

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    10 weeks of LFR on my toon.. on week 8 i had managed to grab a grand total of 3 items.. then on week 10 i gained 2 more items.. and then 1 more on the last week.. so a total of 6 items for 10 weeks.. the drop rate of 16% is looking pretty optimistic to me.

    on the other hand my hunter whom i rarely play now got 8 items in 1 lfr run.. went from ilvl of 466 to 476 within the day.... quite funny.. im just glad its lfr so if u slack off and afk atleast u can be justly rewarded for it with a 28g bag of shit.

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