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    Most threads talk about rogue defenses/mobility being bad, and damage being fine.

    OP posts a shot of rogue in no danger (since other team sucks) and doing fine damage.

    The point of this thread is...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kezotar View Post
    I'm not stating anything. I'm just saying - This rogue is performing well. If he was so bad like most people implify he wouldn't be able to do so. Either way , not up to discussion. Just wanted to let you know.
    "I'm just saying - This rogue is performing well."
    In which case, you ARE stating something. Don't claim innocence...

    Never mind the fact that your conclusion, based on a random BG, with random people, wearing unknown items is immensely biased. For all we know, that rogue DIDN'T perform well, but the opposition simply performed poorly, thus allowing him to seem much better than he actually might be. It only takes a slightly good and well geared player to dominate easy pray, and your anecdotal evidence doesn't prove which scenario was actually taking place. If we are to jump to conclusions, why not list all the possibilities?

    1. The enemy team was either incredibly bad, not as organized, or just up against premades - giving the rogue an advantage.

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    I know it's off topic, but everytime I see that warriors name at #2 (how appropriate!) I laugh my butt off...

    Ok, did a little bit more research on this one, at least two of the Blackrock players are rocking a Malevolent Weapon, and it appears the only character with a Malevolent Weapon on the Alliance side is Tonyflare. The Alliance side seems SERIOUSLY undergeared comparative to the horde they ran up against. Some of the Blackrock guys are at least a partial premade as a couple of them are from the same guild.

    Also, as people may have left during the battle we don't see their stats... so it just looks like a very unfortunate bg. Sorry OP
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    Most Rogues pretty much complain that there is more point in trying to water balloon someone to death than there is in trying to kill another player as a rogue. That literally, there is nothing in the game for them, because Rogues are just that bad.

    I am pretty sure the thread was just an attempt at poking fun at those sorts of people.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gandrake View Post
    Most Rogues pretty much complain that there is more point in trying to water balloon someone to death than there is in trying to kill another player as a rogue. That literally, there is nothing in the game for them, because Rogues are just that bad.

    I am pretty sure the thread was just an attempt at poking fun at those sorts of people.
    Lets see: Boring gameplay, terrible defenses, and bad mobility. The only time rogues complain about damage it is DAMAGE SOURCES.
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    Blizzard Entertainment: click this button to nerf rogue or blood dk: ---> ()

    "i killed a frost mage"

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    Im gonna assume that the monk was his pocket healer. He also had more than twice the killing blows as the warrior but not much more damage than him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kezotar View Post
    Fact is, this rogue beat the warrior in DMG and KBs. I understand that not everyone is skilled as him, he was extremely good.
    Enlighten me. What the f**k has Damage and KDB's in a random BG got to do with Class balance?

    I'll tell you. Nothing.

    Lowest representation of any class in all brackets of arena (outside of monks who still hardly anyone plays) is the only relevant stat.

    Im guessing human male warrior right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shise View Post
    Rogues are perfectly fine. They can burst the hell out of players, just that now not every player can do it, you need to pay attention and know how to play the class.

    They are not OP, they are not underpowered, they are plain normal.
    The only way rogues can burst. is entirely situational. my burst barely scratches an enemy. 27k ambush crit.. gg. compared to 180k oblits from dk's...
    Our damage is acceptable. IF we can keep on our targets, the issue is, its so EASY for enemies to get OUT of our reach that its impossible for the damage to pile on.

    the key part here which causes rogues problems in modern day pvp (and its been escalating through the years..) is our dependance on auto attacks. getting close enough to dump our energy pool simply isnt enough. we have to have the added auto attack damage (the fact that even when shadow dancing with 70% arp up, the extra 30% from shadowblades auto attacks makes enough difference shows how the problem is.)

    shadowstepping to a target, clearing my energy and doing one finisher before they escape isnt cutting it.

    in MY mind. a great way to rework it would be..

    shs baseline. no cooldown. but an energy cost. meaning we have upped mobility with the tradeoff of damage. not a huge cost, around 20 energy. this would give us the mobility to overcome and stay on targets, whilst keeping our damage in check

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    This is one BG and you can not rely on this to say Rogues are good or bad or anything.

    In this case, the Horde had a healer. They all played together. That is why he didn't die and the allies did.

    Besides, we are less terrible in bgs. It is easy to get away and get a restealth, and we are less likely to get focussed and blown up in two seconds. In arena, we are very vulnerable, and have terrible mobility, target switching, stealth gets broken too easily, and we have far less good damage than other classes. Please check out the link Verain inserted to see rogues representation in arena. Under 1% of top team have a rogue. It is just above 1% in top RBG teams (although that is still terrible).

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    Alliance rogue 0-10, mage 0-9, ret paladin 1-6, mage 0-7, death knight 0-7.

    Yeah, that was a fair fight.

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    This is a fucking joke thread right?

    If you're claiming rogues are fine in pvp, please go and play one past 2200 (goodluck finding a team)

    Also check statistics like this

    fail thread

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    22 kills and 4,7 million damage? What kind of BG is that? Everyone stands in line and gets executed?
    4,7 mio seems like Cata values. Normal DDs usualy get 10M+

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    while rogues are not UP from a simple damage PoV, they are lacking in the mechanics department. everything they always had, someone else got a better version, and they didn't get anything in return.

    right now the class's highlights are pick pocket and AoE stealth.
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    Not bad, just every class can do more for less, usually baseline, and on a lower cooldown.

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    So if we find a BG where a Rogue went 0-20 are rogues horribly broken then?
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    There are ~10 rogues in the entire game above 2200 atm. But yeah, doing well in a random BG means something.

    Just look at the honor kills, almost everyone on the Horde side has 50-60 and the alliance have < 8. In Silvershard mines that is a lot, which means they were probably farming you. It's not that hard to get that kind of score when your team is clearly dominating.
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    Rogues are not what they used to be, its not a glass cannon death machine. Mop changed that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delighted View Post
    Rogues are not what they used to be, its not a glass cannon death machine. Mop changed that.
    Yep, removed the 'death machine' half of the equation.

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    You see the rogues damage compared to the rest? He clearly hit people as they were about to die and thats how he got kills.

    I'll link this:

    This is what matters
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