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    PVP weapon choice (Season 12 Elite)


    So, Tomorrow Ill be picking up my season 12 elite weapons.

    I'm torn though. I'm currently running dual daggers. (2/2 upgraded) and I'm wondering what elite weapon to get.


    I play sub and assassin (although thinking of changing it to combat.) in rbg's at around 2300 rating. Im wondering if its worth the extra damage ill get from using sword in MH as combat. (bearing in mind sub is the usual.)

    so basically in an ideal world. sub. do I want sword or dagger? I'd assume dagger. but I never know for sure! xD

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    I would go for daggers! Combat is really fun to play but might be unreliable cause of killingspree. I'd say go for daggers and get your sword later on.

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    If you are going to try combat, you absolutely must get a non dagger (I'd say sword cause those are obviously the best). You will do completely pitiful damage if you try to play combat with a dagger MH. For pvp combat, you really, really want double swords (or equiv) though due to the rather large impact that has on KS.

    To be clear though, daggers are obviously better in both hands for both other specs, and I'm not necessarily advocating combat.

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    Aye, figured as much.

    Ill get my daggers sorted first before getting creative! Thanks for the tips lads

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