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    Lesser Air Elemental pet model update.

    I am not sure if this has been posted, as I didn't see anything. But apparently, the elementalist mage got at least 1 updated pet model. I want to apologize for the bad quality, as my computer can't handle the normal quality graphics, and needs it on low-quality render. But this is their lesser air elemental pet. Unfortunately, the earth didn't get updated. Not sure about the water and fire, as I can only access <20 characters. I thought it looked pretty good.

    <-- link for better view.

    If this has been mentioned, I apologize.
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    It has been around, both that and the greater have a new model, as well as a fire one which is pretty awesome. This was in...I wanna say 1.11

    Still cool though.

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    haha, yes this has been around in public knowledge for roughly 4 months now and was brought into the game with patch 1.11 a couple of months ago, also the greater one has been updated, all the other elementals are still the same, but are shortly due for a make over in the 'near' future =)
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