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    9/16H *US-50* 25M 3-Night Guild - Recruiting Mage, Monk, Warlock

    <Something Wicked> is a 9/16HM 25s guild on PVE Whisperwind (Chicago).
    We raid Wed, Thurs, Sun 8-12 CST.

    We are looking for a few exceptional players (especially Mages, Warlocks, Mistweaver Monks and Holy Paladins). We recruit for raiding spots, not for the bench. We look for your knowledge and ability to play your class, your familiarity with hardmodes, your ability to learn from mistakes (not only your own), and that you give an appropriate effort to maximize your character. Applicants should be properly gemmed, reforged, and enchanted with appropriate raiding professions.

    We are stable and efficient
    We have been a guild since vanilla with the same guild/raid leader throughout, both great testaments to our stability. We are efficient, maintaining our three-night schedule while keeping up with five-night guilds (and even doing better than the majority). Unlike other "three night" guilds, we actually only raid three nights, and unlike other 25m guilds we actually kill all of our content with 25 people.

    We care about raiding
    We do so well because our members are dedicated: correctly gearing, enchanting, reforging, speccing, and researching their classes. Members are required to come to raid prepared with consumables and knowledge of boss mechanics. In return we fund raid repairs, supply Banquets when learning fights, and give free offspec gear. We use a custom loot system that quickly allows newer members to gear up while still rewarding the high attendance of older members.

    We care about our real lives
    We are a diverse community with people from many backgrounds and even though we down the content we still like to have a good time--we have had a guild meetup in Las Vegas, hung out at Blizzcon, and are doing a Secret Santa for the holidays!

    We live on a good server
    Whisperwind is an alliance dominated server with a good raiding population, a decent economy and mostly good-natured trade chat.

    How to contact us
    If interested you can contact Moshne (GM) in-game, moshne[at]me[dot]com by email/RealID, or Nazsari by AIM, or go to somethingwickedguild.com to fill out an app. You can also contact officers Oxey, Shiramune, or Zothen in-game. Good luck!
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    H-Amber Shaper down. Now 10/16H.

    We are looking for a couple exceptional DPS, namely Mages, Warlocks and Monks. We'd also consider a solid healer, with preference to a Holy Paladin or Mistweaver

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