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    Server down?

    So I just recently started playing Star Wars and I must admit I'm really enjoying it, however when I got home from work tonight I noticed Bastion was down and no other server was. Does this happen often and is there a reason why? I've really enjoyed the game so far and am probably going to start a subscription however this definitely rings a little red bell in the back of my head and am just curious as to whether or not this is normal. Thanks!

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    It isnt normal, but sometimes a server can go down. This happens occasionally in all mmo's unfortunately

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    Fair enough. I should have put in my original post that I did play Beta/Vanilla WoW so I'm used to servers going down, just wanted to make sure this wasn't a consistent thing! Thanks for the info

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    On the upside it should be back up.

    Originally Posted by SWTOR
    The Bastion is now online and available for play.


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