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    Watch the two latest interviews, especially with Kalgan and look at the recent hotfix's over the last few weeks. It's going in the right direction.

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    Yeah Blizzard is finally being serious. GJ. Maybe i should send a love ticket to Ghostcrawler.
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    PvE is to blame. Always has been. PvP is always the afterthought. All adjustments come months late and PvErs still cry about any changes made to their class, whether it affects their PvE performance or not.

    The fact is player health/cooldowns/damage has always been balanced around PvE and everything encompassing PvP was adjusted much later. The bigger, underlying fact is character changes have always been on the table, yet raid boss health/damage has never once been on it. Lower, remove, or change players to be balanced around rated PvP and all you must do is adjust raid boss health and damage by whatever percentage was reduced from the OP class in question and you have a perfectly fun, balanced game in both areas.

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    Theyr only after your money, they don`t really care :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adonael View Post
    Theyr only after your money, they don`t really care :P
    Unfortunately, you're absolutely right. Make as much money while doing as little work as possible. Forget promises your marketing team made of an enjoyable experience.

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    Sounds to me as if your responsible yourself, sounds more of a fail issue, if you get killed by any class without cds

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deleth View Post
    Thing is, it was better and worse at times then it is now, mostly better though.
    Yes, there have been times where PvP has been worse than it is now. Although the thing is, those times where it was worse were the time in between expansions, those times have always been crazy and a little bit of fun because nobody takes anything seriously at those times.
    There is a serious problem when we are 1 major patch into the expansion and PvP is still this awful, the beginning of BC PvP was bad, Blizzard was still learning how to develop PvP pretty much, but it still wasn't this bad.

    I have been hit by 200k spells from Druids and Warlocks, I have 60% resil.
    I have been chain CC'd from 100% to 0% too many times to count.

    PvP in MoP will go down in the history books, whatever season we're on right now will be know as one or worst seasons ever.
    I wish I was exaggerating, even a little.

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