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  • Patrick Jane

    13 29.55%
  • Dr. House

    26 59.09%
  • Neal Caffrey

    5 11.36%
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    Who is smarter and more trickier? Dr. House, Patrick Jane or Neal Caffrey.

    Who is smarter and more trickier?
    Dr. House from House
    Patrick Jane from The Mentalist
    Neal Caffrey from White Collar

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    I don't know who those other two are, but I'd say House because he's managed make people believe he's american.

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    I think that depends, Jane is smart, but he has a different type of intelligence than House, and I don't know anything about Caffrey.

    I'm going to have to opt for a third and say Monk! Monk remembers everything, amond other things, he remembered his own birth, I think that's pretty incredible.
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    Jane surrounds himself with desperate and mostly-retarded people just to look better by comparison. Still, he get's my vote for having such a damn nice smile.

    Also, that one camera angle in every episode that says "Hey, it's Robin Tunney's ass in jeans!"

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    Hugh Laurie played a simpleton in Blackadder, so he is out. No idea who the other two are.

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    It's not even close. Patrick Jane wins by a mile.
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    Jane is the only intelligent guy in The Mentalist, so I'd go with House
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    Patrick Jane is just a fraud who wishes he really had Shawn Spencer from Psych's abilities. Haven't had a chance to see White Collar yet, so I'll have to go with Dr. House.

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    Have to go with Neal.

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    Patrick Jane is just a fraud who wishes he really had Shawn Spencer from Psych's abilities. Haven't had a chance to see White Collar yet, so I'll have to go with Dr. House.
    Hmm. I don't know. I like Jane better than Shawn Spencer. Shawn is to goofy for me.

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    I only know House from that list.

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    I only know House from that list.
    You should really look at the other two. They are good shows. Seems like how though is more popular.

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    I voted House just because he is awesome.

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    barney stinson, how can he possibly be not on this list?
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    A bunch of times actually.

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    Patrick Jane is far trickier than the others by a long shot. He could in any episode that involves him faking something to get someone to confess.

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    intelligence wise - house, trickier - neal.

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    Jane is more fun. The rest doesn't matter really.
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    jane is definitely the trickiest. he nearly 24/7 convinces people that he is basically autistic, when in reality he is just diverting their attention from him.

    i would have to say that house is the most intelligent, because he has memorized the symptoms and treatments of basically EVERY disease, and never ever consults any texts to save someone's life.

    neal is less so, because he has help from a team of people who he would be lost without: mozzy and burke.

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