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    495 ilvl aff lock looking for a decent guild

    hi guys hanky here! im an aff lock that is looking for a new guild! im currently 5/6h MSV, 1/6h HoF (2/6 if you ask me, i missed the last 5 pulls for vizier but was in for like 90% of the pulls overall) and 0/4h ToES

    im looking mostly for a 10m guild but i might make an exception if it feels right

    my available raid times are 8:30pm (or later) - 12:30am EST, these times are not flexible, i cannot raid ealier than 8:30 and no later 12:30

    raid days are pretty flexible but i prefer weekends

    feel free to hit me up in game if you want or leave something here <3


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    If you are only available in that four hour window you might have better luck seeking out a guild than having them find you. If your window ever moves a half hour forward though look us up.
    <Something Wicked> is a 9/16HM 25s guild on PVE Whisperwind (Chicago).
    We raid Wed, Thurs, Sun 8-12 CST.

    We are looking for a few exceptional DPS (especially Mages, Warlocks, and Monks). We recruit for raiding spots, not for the bench. We look for your knowledge and ability to play your class, your familiarity with hardmodes, your ability to learn from mistakes (not only your own), and that you give an appropriate effort to maximize your character. Applicants should be properly gemmed, reforged, and enchanted with appropriate raiding professions.

    We are stable and efficient
    We have been a guild since vanilla with the same guild/raid leader throughout, both great testaments to our stability. We are efficient, maintaining our three-night schedule while keeping up with five-night guilds (and even doing better than the majority). Unlike other "three night" guilds, we actually only raid three nights, and unlike other 25s guilds we actually kill any and all of our content with 25 people.

    We care about raiding
    We do so well because our members are dedicated: correctly gearing, enchanting, reforging, speccing, and researching their classes. Members are required to come to raid prepared with consumables and knowledge of boss mechanics. In return we fund raid repairs, supply Banquets when learning fights, and give free offspec gear. We use a custom loot system that quickly allows newer members to gear up while still rewarding the high attendance of older members.

    We care about our real lives
    We are a diverse community with people from many backgrounds and even though we down the content we still like to have a good time--we have had a guild meetup in Las Vegas, hung out at Blizzcon, and are doing a Secret Santa for the holidays!

    How to contact us
    If interested you can contact Moshne (GM) by RealID/Battletag at Moshne#1962 or Moshne[at]me[dot]com or go to somethingwickedguild.com to fill out an app. You can also contact officers Oxey or Shiramune in-game. Good luck!

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    Static - 25m (Wed/Thurs/Mon 8:45 - 12:30 EST)

    16/16 Normal
    7/16 Heroic


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    We have enough people to work around this let me know. Here's our typical info.

    Tidal, while new to the Stormrage server, was formed out of group of dedicated raiders from a 25 man guild with a long history. The core of our team decided that we wanted the more controlled environment of 10 man raid. We all believe in raiding smarter, rather than raiding harder. We troubleshoot problems as a team and analyze all available data to ensure that our raids are efficient as possible. We also require that every member put forth effort outside of raid to ensure that he or she can perform at the best of his or her ability when raiding. We expect above and beyond to simply watching a strat video and knowing how to push buttons. Through intelligent raiding and prepared raiders, we are able to continuously compete for top rankings. We're proud of our progress and will continue to strive for high level progression in end-game content. We not only value highly skilled players and progression, but we also value camaraderie.

    Progression – wowprogress(dot)com/guild/us/stormrage/Tidal

    Raid times – Required nights: Tuesday and Wednesday 7:30pm EST to 11:30pm EST. While we only have 2 required nights, the expectation is that we will raid 1-3 additional nights as available to clear content.

    Website – tidal-stormrage(dot)com

    Age Requirement: 18+ required, 21+ preferred

    We're looking for intelligent, aware raiders who are comfortable progressing at a fast pace and who can be proficient at the variety of specs required. We would love to have to you to start with us asap!!

    Feel free to contact me via realid, email or chat Meerpond#1405
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    Our raid times fit right in your desired times and we only raid 12 hours a week! check us out if interested.

    Contingency is currently 9/16H and 16/16N

    US 77 Heroic Deathwing

    We raid Mon-Thurs 9-12EST

    Materblaster [email protected] <-- Speak with me Directly.

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