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    ... there are male nightelves?

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    I know a TON of people playing Nelfs and / or Draenei.. But I only know a couple of teenies under the age of 15...
    One of em plays a dwarf, the other one plays horde ..... /shrugs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heap View Post
    ... there are male nightelves?
    That joke is applicable to blood elves, not night elves. There are quite obviously male and female night elves. Blizzard has just sissified both of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alteam View Post
    haha i actually did play male Draenei/Nelf... when i was around 13-14, Now days i play female Night elf/Draenei.
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    My first character was a male night elf druid back in late Vanilla. I was 16 at the time, and played him until sometime mid-wrath.
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    21 here, my shaman is a male Draenei. I made him before Cata, so that was my only choice of race. I love female Draenei, but I was rolling Enhancement and the way male Draenei look in combat swinging two 1 handers looks great. With his tier 8 transmog, I can't think of anything that looks more badass.

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    44 here - male Draenei DK and male Night elf druid.
    Originally Posted by Zarhym
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slickx View Post
    Alright then show me one arena player thats over 2200 that plays a male draenei or night elf.
    Because arena players are usually human because of the racial does not support your original proposition.

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    I'm 36 and I play a Night Elf because of Shadowmeld.
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    /cuts off arm
    /counts the number of rings

    I have a draenei shaman and I've counted over 30 rings here.

    So to answer no, kids play any race in wow, you've just experienced only young players on your server playing a certain race. Sorry, one server doesn't define wow.


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    Er, I'm 17 (almost), and I have one of every race except a Dwarf (two Night Elves) and one of each class; my Druid is a male Night Elf and my Mage is Male Draenei.
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    Is there anyone under the age of 30 here that plays female orc/undead?

    Irrelevant topic is irrelevant :P

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    20 here and played male draenei for about 4 years or something.
    Why? Because the draenei in the tbc trailer was awesome

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