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    [A]<Ascensio>3 nights/week LFM adult raiders for heroic progression

    Server: US PvE - Malfurion (CST, Chicago Datacenter)
    Schedule: 25 man raiding - 3 Nights Raiding Tu, Th, Sun 7pm-11pm server
    10 man's and alt runs most other nights
    Website: ascensioguild(dot)com

    ► Recruiting exceptional players of all roles.

    About Us:

    Ascensio is a Malfurion guild formed in the final days of Karazhan between people that desired to achieve maximum success in killing dragons while retaining and growing all the qualities that make a guild such a great experience. Ascensio is a community. More importantly, we are a team. We strive to defeat the hardest challenges this game has to offer without the drama and stress that is becoming all too common in the land of internet gaming that is today. Those who join our ranks quickly discover a mature and friendly home that pushes the envelope when it comes to solving problems and conquering content on a three night raid schedule.

    Should you choose Ascensio, you can count on being a part of a long standing community of people who share your passion for raiding and will go the distance with you to achieve the heights of success. We are unlikely to be your first guild, but if you share our passion and conviction we will certainly be your last.

    Ascensio Highlights:

    • Friendly and mature environment. We are an adult oriented guild with a member base comprised of college students and working professionals. Drama is not tolerated and mutual respect is expected from everyone.

    • A longterm guild with history behind it. Ascensio consists of a core of people that have been together for over 5 years and have maintained a low turnover that comes with people forming close relationships.

    • We raid 3 nights a week, 4 hours per night. You can expect to raid 12 hours during progression and dramatically less when content tiers have been completed.

    • Consistent and constant progression. For the relatively low amount of time spent on raid bosses, our progression has been enjoyable and ongoing.

    • Progression based EPGP loot system. Our goal is to reward high attendance and performance, with loot being a means to an end, not the sole point of your time here.

    • Guild Bank covers consumables and repairs. We fully cover raiding repair bills and help with all flasks and pots on raid nights.

    • We love and encourage alts! Optional alt raids scheduled on off nights during the week with strong leadership.

    Preferred Gear & Experience:

    In Ascensio, we recruit the player behind the character. We however like to see in those applying with us demonstrate that they have put effort and thought into their character. This includes at minimum obtaining badge gear, craftable items, proper gems, proper glyphs, and proper PvE raiding spec. We prefer our applicants to have experience with the current content that we are working on, but will discuss time with talented folks that might be in guilds behind the curve.

    Raid Schedule:

    We do not run past our maximum finish time of 11PM CST and we do not raid any extra nights during progression. Invites go out at 6:45pm and you are not required to be online any earlier then that. All raids include a 10 minute break halfway through the night. Because we have a light raid schedule we expect full adherence to our attendance policy, with the vast majority having close to 100% attendance, and all raiders historically over 90%.

    Contact Information & Applying:

    For more information and to apply please visit our website at ascensioguild(dot)com

    To contact us in game please whisper anybody rank 4 or above in the armory.

    Thanks for your time.
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    Bump - need more awesome dps

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    Bump - In need of more awesome ranged dps and a solid monk healer

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    Looking for a solid monk healer to round out our team. Range dps is always welcome, as well.


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    Bump - still in need of 1 or 2 awesome mistweavers

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