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    Looking for RP realm (Alliance-EU)

    So.. after my realm has reached a "deader than dead" status, and as i've been thinking about this for a long time, i'm decided to move on to another realm.
    And RP is my target.

    Thing is, my main focus in wow is raiding, so my new realm should have lots of good raiding guilds and people who like raiding and have good and frequent RP.

    I've been looking at the top 2 RP realms in European Servers, Argent Dawn and Defias Brotherhood (correct me if im wrong)
    Out of these 2 realms, which one:

    -Has the best raiding community?

    -Has the most RP events happening on Alliance side (both well organized and continuous, or spontaneous short ones)?

    -Has the most overal friendly community?

    World pvp is something i enjoy, but i would accept puting it aside if AD overpowers DB in those aspects i mentioned above.
    That being said, i ask your help to make up my mind on what realm to transfer to.

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    This question has been answered a thousands of times. Try using the search function.
    ~ They're both okay, personally I preferred Argent Dawn.

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