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    Optimal gear for tanking CMs?

    Hi there, we've started working on challenge modes in my guild recently; I was wondering what gear people use to tank with?
    Currently I've been doing them with full tank gear to help survive some of the bigger pulls but I've read a few places about using dps trinkets and the like, so far we've only completed TJS on gold and only a few times were the wipes due to tank deaths (mainly silence issues preventing me from using cooldowns in the central courtyard), would switching in more gear with haste/crit be worth the loss of avoidance stats? I'd still ensure each piece had mastery as one of the two secondaries...

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'm usually wearing my whole tank gear and STR-trinkets (Darkmoon Card + Will of the Emp Trinket) as well as change my weapon enchant to Fallen Crusader. After that it's up to you, I'm doing fine dps and survivalwise with that setup, but if your healer is struggling keeping you alive, I'd stick to your tank set. It helps having the same healer for the CMs, so he gets a feel how you're using your cooldowns and you know when your healer is usually too busy to throw you a heal.
    All in all using your cooldowns correctly makes a bigger difference in dps than switching gear - being able to take more damage is also more vengeance ;-)

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    Did my first set of gold runs in full DPS gear with DPS reforges (exp/hit>haste>crit>mastery) leaving me with around 1.1k mastery unbuffed. Since then I've decided to wear a few pieces of tanking gear with mastery on them. Most pulls won't ever come down to gear as a DK anyway, so getting more DPS is usually better.
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    I seem to maintain roughly the same avoidance due to the increase in strength when switching to dps gear, so I guess the only real benefit of tank gear is the mastery (stam increase is negligable if still using dps trinkets) ~50% difference in mastery once scaled down...

    I'll have to give the dps gear a go, could always switch gear midway between trash and bosses as a compromise if push comes to shove
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    I used pure DPS gear with RoTFC, strength flask and strength food for every single CM gold.

    Sometimes I did go splat because of massive spikes, but a lot of that was because of poor interrupts, stuns and CD usage.

    How we approached them is we did a dry run and saw what we could and couldn't do. Basically to see how much we could get away with and how many CDs we would need to burn for each pack. DPS gear is great for every boss but you do need to plan around doing large trash packs with it on. If you nail your stuns correctly and time your CDS correctly you get certainly get away with it. The benefit? You will probably be doing the most damage in your group if you do it this way.

    I think it's largely a trade off though. This method means healers are going to maintain you almost 100% of the time, thus others can't take much damage and also your healers can't contribute to DPS on trash as much as they might if you wore pure tank gear. It's a trade off, but go with what you feel is comfortable.

    You can certainly however get away with it on nearly every boss though.
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