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    Back in yak quest

    K I just did this quest and it only offered the caster and melee dps coins. Did the tank one with the parry get taken out or something? Thanks for the info as I would love to have the tanking coin

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    It says it's still there so idk what to tell you.

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    Maybe I will put a ticket in for blizzard to see if I can get it

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    they are only showing the coin that should be usefull for your class, if you check on http://www.wowhead.com/quest=30492 you can select your class and see what coin you can get.
    Yes, some tanking class cant get the parry one because its not the best for tanking for them

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    Yes but the tanking one is best for monks tho... Hell parry is good for any tanking class u would think. I know it is for monks

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    The stat priority for a Brewmaster Monk is:

    Stamina (until you have enough, see below);
    Expertise Rating (until 15%);
    Hit Rating (until 7.5%);
    Haste Rating;
    Mastery Rating;
    Critical Strike Rating;
    Dodge Rating = Parry Rating.
    from icy vein, all the tank got alot of active mitigation so it does weird things on the stats

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    Maybe it ain't best but IMO I would rather have the parry one but thanks

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    Thanks for the info. Just used to stat stacking and still learning stuff about monk tanks. Thanks again

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