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    LFR Tier question

    Just a quick question for those who have gotten lucky enough to get tier pieces in LFR.

    Do you get the token or the actual tier piece (Sha of Anger drops tier piece...why I'm asking)
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    You get a token for the LFR version of the tier. If you look at the vendor there are 3 versions of each piece. The token from LFR can only be redeemed for the LFR one.

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    I would guess its the Token, Sha has pre selected loot so its a gamble for the Sha tier, But LFR you get the token. Its that way so people can choose piece for their spec, not get a piece, like off sha, that is for Healing, and their MS is DPS.

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    Sweet. Thanks guys. Guess I'll keep extra rolling these bosses for my offspec tier items
    ...Made it through 9 years of wow...

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