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    Clone Magic


    the upgraded version of the fellhunter gets Clone Magic. its supposed to steal a spell from the target.
    can anyone tell me if this actually works? who gets the spell after its stolen? the demon? thats pretty fucking useless then. but i dont think even that is working. been playing some bgs and watched my pet whenever he stole something and he never showed any buff.

    also, a way to improve affli in pvp would be to let the warlock gain the stolen spell (maybe increase cd a bit).


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    The Clone Magic spell tooltip

    It says it devours it, meaning it just makes it go away, it doesn't actually recieve the spell itsself. It's basicly just an offensive dispel.

    EDIT: Nemiasisx below me is right, it even says Spellsteal effect on the tooltip >.<

    On the idea of making it work like Spellsteal for ourselves, we could, but seeing how unpopular the spell is used by mages I can't see Blizz going out of their way to award more people such a powerful spell.
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    felhunter upgraded version (observer via the talent) is spellstealing instead of devouring, but it takes the buff to itself which is more then useless, since it steals a a mage shield, instead of dispelling it, and the mage is able to steal it back lol/

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