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    Game Sales / Discount Postings

    This is a thread for posting game discounts / sales going on.

    A new thread will be made designated for large sales / sales event.


    1. Do not post referral links embedded with the links.
    2. Do not link scam sites, malware embedded, etc.
    3. Do not send people on wild goose chases (fake links).
    4. No discussions.

    Use the following template to make it easier for everyone.
    Game: <game name>
    Website / Distributor: <site name>
    Link: <URL to deal>
    Game Info: <Wiki article or relevant materials like reviews / overview>
    Price / Discount%: <$€$€>
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    Game: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
    Website / Distributor: greenmangaming.com
    Link: http://greenmangaming.com/s/pl/en/pc...dieval-warfare
    Game Info: http://chivalrythegame.com
    Price / Discount%: 50% $12.49 USD

    Game: Call of Duty Black Ops 2
    Website / Distributor: Kinguin.net
    Link: http://kinguin.net/call-of-duty/call...steam-key.html
    Game Info: http://callofduty.com/blackops2
    Price / Discount%: $50.46

    Game: Machinarium
    Website / Distributor: Gamersgate.com
    Link: http://gamersgate.com/DDB-MACHIN/machinarium-bundle
    Game Info: http://machinarium.net/demo/ - I recommend this one!
    Price / Discount%: €4.25, 50%
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    *followed from thread just locked*

    Huge Sims 3 discount on Steam? Neat.

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    This week on Steam

    Seems like a great week for some cheap games.

    First off, Evoland. This game is absolutely charming. The whole premise is that you're on a typical JRPG quest to save the world, and along the way, you find these chests that "evolve" the game. You start out in an old Game Boy-style screen, and can only move right. You do so, open a chest, and unlock the ability to move left. The next chest gives you the ability to move in all four cardinal directions. As the game progresses, you get the ability to move in 8 directions, the game scrolls better, the colors, textures, and sound improves. You get to experience Link to the Past style fighting, Final Fantasy-style turn-based fighting...everything unlocks and gets better and better. It's very charming, and there's a good bit of humor thrown in. I recommend people get it, especially if they are fans of RPG's, old and new. It's $8.99 right now, 10% off normal price, since it just came out on Steam.

    Second, Telltale Games' Poker Night 2. I'm so freakin' excited. It hasn't come out yet, but if you preorder it, you get a free copy of Poker Night 1, which, at a $4.99 price tag for both, is an incredible deal. This is a wacky, fun poker game between you and a group of 4 internet, video game, or TV show characters. Poker Night 1 pits you against Max (Sam & Max video game series), Strongbad (homestarrunner.com), The Heavy (Team Fortress 2), and Tycho Brahe (penny-arcade.com). The conversations that strike up between the characters are hilarious, and the poker itself is great, with unlockable table tops, card designs, and items for TF2. You can set the talking between characters to have them either talk almost constantly, or barely talk at all. This second installment will feature Sam (Sam & Max series), a CL4P-TP or Claptrap unit (Borderlands 2, since he refers to folks as his minions), Ash (Army of Darkness), and my personal favorite, Brock Samson (The Venture Bros. cartoon). GlaDOS (Portal series) also seems to be making an appearance, possibly as the dealer? I'm not sure, so far.

    I have to say, lately, I've been enjoying indie games a lot more than names by big developers. It might just be me, but it seems like the indie guys create a game more for the fun than for the profit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWerebison View Post
    Second, Telltale Games' Poker Night 2...
    I love Poker (Texas Hold 'em esp.) but I never bought the first one. Might pick up this second one.
    I'm still thinking about it...

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    The first one was so freaking hilarious. If the new one has even a fraction of the first one's humour, it's worth a lot more than the 5 bucks they're asking.
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    Never played Poker Night, but I do confess it looks mildly entertaining. I might (might) purchase this as it looks like you can unlock Brock Samson's hair as Head for the Gunzerker in Borderlands 2. That, plus I find it hard to turn down any game that features Cl4tr4p, Ash, Brock Samson, and GlaDOS all sitting around bullshitting and playing poker.
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    That doesn't sound like Bruce Campbell. Why have Ash in the game if it's not Bruce Campbell?

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    Quote Originally Posted by unholytestament View Post
    That doesn't sound like Bruce Campbell. Why have Ash in the game if it's not Bruce Campbell?
    I've been trying to figure that out, too. Apparently the voice actor is still to be announced.
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    You can currently get all 3 bioshock games for just $20 being on a 80% sale off amazon with discount lasting until the 25th, highly recommended if you have not played any of those

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    GOG also has a special promotion right now where you get The Witcher for free with any purchase.

    One thing you might consider getting is Divinity: Dragon Commander, which is on sale for 40% off.

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    since this thread belongs to the stickies:

    Steam currently has a MASSIVE halloween sale until November 1st. hundreds of games for anywhere from 10 to 75% off, including tons of indies, mainstream games and other. and it's not just horror.
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    dark siders 2 £6:99 in the steam sale, worth it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by peggleftw View Post
    dark siders 2 £6:99 in the steam sale, worth it?
    If you like excellent third person combat, puzzles, mythology and RPG leveling and gearing

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    Quote Originally Posted by peggleftw View Post
    dark siders 2 £6:99 in the steam sale, worth it?
    you missed it on Humble where you could have gotten a few others for the same price.
    DS2 is a fun game, but can get repetitive after a while. fight mechanics are the usual mash buttons till enemy is dead, Only thing that lets it down imo is the terrible camera handling which seems to have a mind of its own.

    As a bundle of games its was worth the 6 quid odd I paid, as a single game it may be worth it if you are a fan of hack n slash game's
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    pfft as if you care..
    i see dont starve at 50% off but im still going to hope for either 75% via steam or a humble bundle deal :/

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