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    8/16 H prot pally LF new guild.

    Hey all, my work schedule just changed so I have to raid 1.5 hours later in the day so I can't raid with my current guild anymore. Anways looking for a new one and let me state a few things regarding me.

    - 9/16 Heroics killed on 10 man. 33% wipe on heroic windlord and 23% wipe on heroic Vizir this last week.
    - Tanked 9/9 CMs as protection
    - 497 prot MS with a 479 ret offspec.
    - rhadamir#1102

    Some stuff I need from you.

    - Equal or better progression
    - 10/25 on the horde (pref) but I'll go alliance if need be.
    - Your raid MUST START at 6 pm GMT +9 or later. Weekends the start time doesn't matter.

    Anyways if I'm what your needing drop a line on this thread for me please, have a great day.
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    looking for a home still.
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