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    Combat PvP Trinkets Questions

    Hey everyone. Im sure quite a few of you know me from writing the sub/assassination/combat pvp guides...but now i have a question for you.

    If you dont remember me...then =(

    Since now on use pvp trinkets grant half the original stats, here is a comment/-->question:

    I have saved my brewfest trinket; the one that grants 10800 ap. As combat, when that procs it grants nearly 13-14k ap because of the bonus ap combat initially has. 10 sec duration with a 45 second internal cd.

    Question is...theoretically, would gaining 14ap from that trinket override the 2600 agi + 4% dmg bonus from the pvp trinket. :/

    Thoughts? I know its not on use and is rng, but 14k is srs business.

    And YES i am updating my combat rogue PvP guide and posting it on here soon for MISTS.

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    Well, at this point MANY pve trinkets have a bigger buff than the pvp one. The real issue is that the pvp trinket has a great deal of pvp power (and some pvp resilience) that you are just leaving on the ground.

    Combat's AP modifier is not quite as sweet as Sub's agility modifier, but the big benefit of it is from the AP. That being said, the AP proc on the coaster is tremendous- the reason the coaster is bad is because the passive crit is nothing of note. I would be willing to bet that during the AP proc window, the coaster will give you more for your money than most other pve trinkets. I'll also tell you, I doubt it's worth giving up that passive 1300~ pvp power that is on the pvp trinkey. It will definitely be behind all the pve epic trinkets over time (and if you have the stats buff, probably most of the blue trinkets as well).

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    PvP Power killed PvE trinkets and weps in PvP (which is what they wanted). There may be a few exceptions to weapons, but I really doubt PvE trinkets will ever pull ahead again for anyone.

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