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    How to cap my first conquest?


    My rogue just dinged 90, I bought all honor pvp gear and one blue trinket and since it's Tuesday, I won't have any time to farm honor gear before reset. I think it would be a big boost for my rogue if I could somehow get 1800 conquest today and 1800 tomorrow. So I'll try to cap arena with some kind soul willing to help me out, but I'm really unsure about which spec is the least gear dependent of the three. Should I go assassin?

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    you might have to lose a couple games at the start (to get lower mmr) but if you get a geared partner you can cap in 2s easily

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    Doesn't matter to lose when all you try to do is reaching the first conquest caps.
    Team with a Shadow Priest/Mage/Hunter/Ret pal/Enh Sham and go do 2s. Eventually you'll stop losing because you play Rogue and start winning because you play against people who make big mistakes.

    I'd play Sub because you'll probably be the focus ("LOL ROGUE EASY WIN TUNNEL") and all you'll have to do is making sure you make everything you can your buddy can rape whoever you're hitting (kick/blind/smoke etc) and 2s are about burst, not sustained dmg.

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    Well, guys, it went pretty much terribly wrong.

    Of course nobody wanted to cap with me so I had to pay some random guys 150g / win. Even with a well-geared partner, it was almost impossible. I managed to win 2 times out of a total of 10 or so games, and I gave up with 2 partners quitting.

    Even in the sub-1000 rating range people had pvp weapons and several malevolent pieces and I, with 300k health, got 2-3 shotted. Trying to play a stun-gouge-blind-bomb bot without trying to do damage didn't work either.

    It's not too far into the season, but with pvp weapons giving 5k pvp power and the new upgrade system, the gap between mains and alts is enormous. I could farm bgs for dreadful gear for a week and try again, but it was such a disheartening experience, that I don't want to imagine what a new player would think.

    If I had known it would turn out this way, I would have prioritized on leveling alts asap in order to get a pvp weapon soon, but yeah... I guess that expac is not aimed at gearing alts much, at least for pvp

    In the end, I will not give up. Wish me luck!

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    Grab a geared friend and have him cap you ofc!

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