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    [A 10] Cakeman Recruiting DPS[6/6][2/6]Daytime Raiding

    Cakeman is recruiting a few more people to strengthen our ranks and assist us in our further raid progression.We are a 10 man raiding guild located on Silvermoon. We are, probably, the only raiding guild which starts raiding this early, but it is the only way for most of us to keep raiding. At the moment we have 6/6 msv and 2/6 hof, but we have been having a problem with finding good dps with great knowledge of their class and encounters.

    Basic Information

    - Semi-hardcore guild raiding 4 days per week during progression (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 11am-2pm), we know it can be hard to attend all raids as people can have things to do, and we are fine with that. If you can keep up a 75% attendance then it is fine. If you have the quality.
    - Focus on 10 man raiding - Only raiding guild which raids this early on the server and perhaps in EU.
    - Are you interested, talk to Laxie or Monknorrís ingame as we currently don't have homepage.
    - You can both raid during the evenings on one character and raid during the day with us with another character.

    What we expect from you

    - Maturity: Something that can ensure a mature environment to the best possible extent. We do enjoy to joke and fool around of course, sometimes to quite high extents. But when the time to get serious comes, everyone must be able to achieve that.

    - Nice character: There are a couple of things we can't stand and one of them is elitists and jerks in general. If you tend to judge everything and everyone, if you think you are the best and want to make sure everyone understands that, if you tend to insult everyone and get involved in quarrels, if you tend to whine for every single detail without having any constructive comments to make, then don't really bother in applying. We want all our members to have a friendly and social attitude towards each other and towards others.

    - Dedication: As mentioned above, we take our own pace regarding raid progression. Most of the times we do quite well, but there are times we face some problems. So what we expect from you is to be patient and dedicated to the guild. If you see that we ever are through a hard period, then you should make sure that it isn't a real problem for you not to have super progress for some time, until the situation is sorted out. Have faith and thou shalt be rewarded. We have faced many problems in our 6 years but we always overcome them.

    - Skills: We are neither Method nor Paragon. We do require though from you to be skilled as a player. DPSers that are beaten by tanks, healers that heal less than divine storm, tanks that need half an hour to keyboard turn and gather their targets, people that like to dance in the middle of flames and die, people that can't click on a portal and get mind-controlled are not really what we are looking for. So make sure you have a close-to-perfect knowledge of your class and at least the reflexes required for Pacman before you apply.

    - Activity: You must attend at least 75% of our official raids. We are really understanding though and if there is a problem, we will not even think of arguing about your activity. But in case that anything comes up, you should always inform us beforehand. People that start missing raids without letting us know though will soon find themselves guildless.

    Currently Recruiting:


    So, if you think what we can offer you seems to appeal to you and you have what it takes to join our ranks, contact Laxie or Monknorrís.

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    We still need skilled dps!

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    Bump for some healthy competition.

    Best of luck folks.

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