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    Blade Lord Tay'ak 10 heroic

    So after a couple of hours of attempts on Blade Lord (10 heroic), I'm having trouble figuring out what the best talents and ability usage would be for this fight. We are running with a monk and paladin tank, and I heal alongside a monk and alternating between a resto druid, disc priest, or resto shaman. We ran tonight with 3 melee and 2 ranged DPS, but will probably switch to 3-4 ranged and 1-2 melee.

    1) Lack of good abilities for unseen strike (aside from trying to pre-shield once with holy radiance), and maybe trying to save 3 HP for one LoD (which doesn't seem to do very much). After we are knocked back using Holy Radiance doesn't seem to really help since people are spread apart for the main phase.

    2) Lack of good HP generation since I have to be at range, it's really difficult to get EF's rolling. I'm wondering if Sacred Shield would be a better choice for this fight, but a lot of the tank damage (assaults) are predictable. Should I sacred shield wind step targets instead?

    3) I've been using Purity, would Clemency be better? Also I've been using Holy Avenger to try to spam LOD for a unseen strike, but I'm wondering if I'd be better off with Divine Purpose instead.

    4) I haven't really figured out a good 90 talent, does anyone have suggestions? Prism and Light's Hammer seems underwhelming for strikes since people just get blasted away. Especially since next week we'll be running with more range, prism and LH just look even worse.

    5) Any tips (besides switching to speed of light) on the last phase besides just using Holy Shock and LOD? (I would also save holy avenger for this phase as well).

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    Your Disc Priest should be carrying your heals through Unseen Strike by a large margin (easily 45% higher than any other healer until phase 2) as Spirit Shell's cooldown matches Unseen Strike perfectly. They should also use Cascade immediately after Unseen Strike hits, to heal everyone as they scatter from the knockback. If they don't have Spirit Shell available (and stacked up to 100K+ absorbs) for every single Unseen Strike, they're doing it wrong.

    Sorry I can't really give you any advice specifically. I will warn you though, your Disc Priest will go from top heals to nearly useless in phase 2. You need to plan around having other healers do significant healing (I'm talking Tranquility-while-moving) for that.

    I want to stress this though: Don't bench your Disc Priest for this fight. Phase 1 is practically designed to be healed by them. Phase 2 is designed for Resto Shaman with Spiritwalker's Grace and whatnot.
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    I pally tanked this with a pally healer. We both picked up clemency for the double Hand of protection.

    Our biggest problem was people who got the debuff dying during unseen strike, so basically what we did was during debuff phases where the next big ability (big abilities being blade tempest and unseen) was blade tempest, we would let the person with the dot just suck it up, however when someone got debuffed right before an unseen strike, we would HoP them, thus removing the debuff thus ensuring they dont get killed seconds after US. Eventually when we ran out of HoP, I started using HoSac on the debuffed persons. It is very important that the people getting Hop'd remove their debuff before US, or US will treat it as if there are only 9 players taking the hit thus almost certainly killing someone.

    Not sure if this will help you much, but it pretty much ensured our kill given that this was our main problem.
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    A few thoughts on this:
    Get 1 hand of purity - it's a great cd to keep the debuffed target up during WW and US. Besides 3 Hand of Protection should be enough anyway.
    Use your disc priest - with decent spirit shell usage you'll be able to survive the unseen strike with just a handful of people (=> your debuffed player doesn't need to run in)
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    I did it the same as Xothic while being ret with an hpally do this method and it worked out fine. One thing to note is that people with the ability to clear the debuff should understand the mechanic. For instance a mage with ice block could clear the wrong one leaving your pallys on cd for a strike. Additionally a restro druid can take ice block. This keeps the target from having forbearance in the case that they get it back to back (even though it should be falling off).

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