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    4 piece healer set makes a massive difference for discipline dps (10k+ dps). At 475 you likely do not have 4 piece bonus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Versipelle View Post
    As I see a lot of people here are doing an astonishing amount of DPS while in Disc. I'm also disc but can't come even close to your numbers. I'm actually closer to 30-35K DPS at most on fights where I focus on an "atonement rotation" such as LFR or random dungeons.

    Therefore my question is: What rotation or priority list do you use to reach those numbers ? Do you use a special reforge for that ? As far as I'm concerned I use the following priority list:

    1/ Penance on cooldown
    2/ Holy Fire on cooldown
    3/ Spam smite

    I am at 475ilvl gear-wise focusing Spirit > Crit > Mastery > Haste
    I use glyph of penance, glyph of smite and glyph of holy fire.

    Also use Shadow Word: Pain, mindbender, power infusion and Shadow Word: Death. Im not sure about the Shadow Word: Pain thing, if its worth the global cooldown, but mindbender, power infusion and Shadow Word: Death is huge dps increase if you use those in your rotation.
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    I don't have 4p either. It's mostly about whether you can afford to pop cooldowns offensively and maybe even use DPS trinkets etc (i don't). Also remember that these numbers are fully buffed (and all debuffs on the target). I hit 90k dps on Garajal with heroism, pre-pot (+4000 int), mindbender, Jade Spirit proc etc. I popped my Power Infusion when Heroism ended and kept going.

    This is what i do:

    - Mindbender on cooldown obviously, should mostly do this while just healing too anyways.
    - Penance on cooldown (it's our highest dps spell)
    - Delay HF a few seconds if needed, to cast it after Penance to get more out of the Smite Glyph. I havn't really got any set rules here, it just comes "naturally".
    - Keep SW: Pain rolling

    Edit: SW: Pain is very much worth using for the single GCD it uses, if going for raw damage. Just cast it while moving or something.
    Edit2: Havn't been using SW: Death, don't even have it on my bars. It'll probably be a decent dps increase if you really want to go for max damage but i havn't tried it myself ^^
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    Thank you for your answers ! I totally forgot to mention cooldowns but yes I always use PI + mindbender then berserking + mindbender to maximise dps and mana return.

    I didn't know the set bonus counted for so much though (and yes i dont have any set pièce yet ^^) . I Will try to add pain and death to see How it goes.

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