How's the banner experiment working out? Have you guys contemplated any other cool banner style abilities for warriors?
honestly, not sure yet. Still like the concept. Not sure if it's delivering on the fantasy

Last week, a Blue had responded to a tweet or forum post about how the new banner's were working out and how the community is responding to the them. Since I couldn't find to many forums dedicated to the banners I figured I'd throw in my two cents.

1. now having tossable taunt in Mocking Banner has added a new element to the 5man or raid trash clearing, allowing for a nicer and more enjoyable flow for when mobility CD's are down. My Omen is resetting once a mob kills the Banner though, thus clearing the aggro table, resulting in most of the trash mobs to go to the healer. Is this intended?

2. For PvP, especially 2's, the ability to throw Skull Banner 40yrds(or Mock/Demo 30yrds), intercept it and charge back in has become rather... addicting I must say. 1v1 another melee class, and being able to kite while Second Wind does its thing has really added a new feel and element to the Warrior and I am in love with it. Slightly sad to see the Avatar/Bestial Wrath change from un-CC'able to break CC, but I do agree it was needed and the class(both Warr and Hunter) feels more natural and I feel less like a blind keyboard masher. It involves thinking, and ability/skill to foresee the next 10seconds, which I enjoy.

End note, it's completely delivering on the fantasy for me. My keybinds have always been pretty off the wall and weird compared to my peers, and maybe some haven't found a quick enough way to Throw Banner -> Intercept it -> Charge, but I have found it super useful for F1=intercept, F2=Skull, F3=Mocking. And yes, I "click" the banner because haven't figured out a macro for Throwbanner/Targetbanner/Interceptbanner/Charge previous target. Any have one?

P.S. How do you post a screen shot of your UI?

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hey ghostcrawler read me, banners are awesome