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    Neither of these stand up to being gorgeous.

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    Got both, but been using Battlemaster since I got it back in WotLK, just cause it matches my name.

    If the title was accountwide I would use it on my paladin. Best paladin title in game imo.
    Always looking for skilled OW players to push rating!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garian View Post
    Battlemaster was very fun to earn in Wrath, but they nerfed the harder achievements for it, like needing to disarm 5 bombs in a single strand, so it doesn't stand out as much.
    Surprisingly that was not my biggest problem. Mine was placing 5 bombs in a single battle. Was a pain in the butt to get because of the following reasons:

    - Alliance starts attacking: the gates get crushed so fast that there's no time to place 5 bombs.
    - Alliance starts defending (which I got 90% of the time): the defense was so incredibly shit that when our attack phase came, we ran out of time before I could place 5 bombs.
    - the Horde guarded the gates so ferociusly that I got stunlocked and destroyed every time I tried to place a bomb, and it got disarmed because "you can't do that while stunned".
    - I didn't start to pay attention to Battlemaster achievements in the beginning while it was still "easy".

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    I did Battlemaster twice, Conqueror/Justicar is much longer and rarer nowadays so i'd go with that, at least horde side it sounds great too.

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    Now that i managed to get both, i can say that Battlemaster requires more creative thinking and is miles more fun to do than Justicar/Conqueror.
    Justicar on the other hand you need more persistence and especially with WsG you need to have some kind of leadership unless you want to make it even harder/longer grind.
    Battlemaster was a fun meta to do, i would recommend it to anyone who would like to challenge themselves in random bg's. Justicar was just a very harsh grind and it takes insane amounts of hours in WsG/AB to get, so im not surprised if it is rarer.

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    Battlemaster definately, got mine just after mop hit. But even though its account wide I only use it on my hunter main since thats the toon I earned it on. Just doesnt feel right to wear that title on any of my alts.....

    Oh and for anyone having trouble placing the bombs in strand of the ancients, my strategy was to wait till our team got one wall down and they started attacking the 2nd set of doors (by then they usually left the other door on the beach untouched) and just go drop bombs at the door that was left up on the beach......yeah I know it didn't help the team win whatsoever but I got my achieve ;p
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