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    Looking for duo partner, read.

    Looking for duo partner, read.

    Aiming: platinum
    Server: EUW
    Exp: gold league s2 & s3 (top rating 1600)
    Role: main mid, but I also play top and adc pretty good.
    adc - ashe&ezreal
    mid - kassadin,gragas,diana&brand
    top - yorick&darius
    link: http://www.lolking.net/summoner/euw/19358412
    -I'm danish and my english is fine, i use skype.
    -Please be atleast as experienced as me, and bring a positiv attitude.
    -the perfect match would be you as: support or jungle, but I'm open for everyone :-)

    add me: Pedellen or Skype: dj_figo3

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