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    Few Questions about MOP?

    Just came back to WoW. I quit at the end of Cata.

    I really am just coming back to experience the new dungeons and raids.

    My main goal would be to get Challenge Mode Gear and get Tier 14 from LFR.

    Can you still get gear easy from LFR like you could in Cata? I dont raid in guilds, I dont have the time due to family / job which is why I only do LFR.


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    It's just as "easy" in that the LFR is a really dumbed-down version of the raid and most groups can clear it just fine. However, loot no longer drops in the traditional sense. Instead, everyone auto-rolls (hidden), and the top (5, I think) people get a random piece of loot from the boss' table that matches their class & spec that appears in their bags while everyone else gets a bag of gold (28g50s).

    You can increase your chances, however. You can do dailies regularly enough to get 90 lesser charms a week to trade for 3 greater charms (30 per charm), per week. You can use these charms when you kill a boss in LFR/norma/heroic or the world bosses for an extra chance at loot, completely separate from anyone else! So far out of all of my charms I've won 6 items using them.

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    I can't tell if it's easier to get lfr gear now, or back in cata. You don't have jerks playing gear god in mop, but with that you lose choice in what you get. keep in mind challenge modes normalize your gear to heroic blues ilvl(463) so you really don't have to farm much more than heroics if you dont want to. You probably should though.

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    MoP LFR is 11.67% more punishing than Dragon Soul LFR has been, thanks to:

    Elegon platform fails
    Ambershaper constructs fails

    Percentage information gathered from the Multinational Yearsworth Association for Random Statistic Enumerables.
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    The new loot system is basically You vs The Machine.

    When you kill a boss in LFR a roll is made automatically. If your roll is above a certain threshold you automatically get loot appropriate for your spec. You don't compete against anyone else, your roll is for you and you only. With a charm you get a extra roll.

    If you don't have a lot of time to play you may find the Pet Battle system to be quite fun. I know a lot of people who were tossing Pet Battle's to the side cause they were though to be "unimportant and childish" and now are addicts to it. It really is like a whole other game within the game.

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    thanks for all of the clarification! very helpful!

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