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    Shrine of Seven Stars still phased after completing Heart Of The Alliance?

    Is it like this for anyone else? I completed Heart Of The Alliance (the quest where you free the footmen) but afterwards the area is still phased which means some vendors such as the spirit of harmony trader are out of phase.

    Is this intended or how far in the quest chain do I need to get to unhpase the zone as not being able to see anyone and not being able to trade spirits of harmony is annoying..

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    I never did that quest and they're not phased out for me (I had a mage teleport me to Shrine at 86)...are you sure you don't have a part of a quest still active in your journal that has a reason to phase that area?

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    According to wowhead, once you finish the quest just fly 100 yards out of the shrine then come back and it will be unphased.

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    Mine unphased as soon as I went outside.

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    Strange, it's been like this for days.. guess I'll ticket a GM then

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    Been stuck in my own phase for 2 days.

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    Was the same for me with the Horde version, but I relogged right after and it was back to normal. Eh.

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