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    Monk help with farming/need advice

    A little bit of background: I played from launch and then played it for a good 2-3 weeks or so. I got to around act 2 inferno and I could not for the life of me get past the first elite pack. I tried my hardest to get through it, but I just couldn't get any gear since I had crappy gear and even mediocre gear was priced at millions a piece. Now that there has been nerfs, I got myself a decent set for under a million and I cleared inferno with a buddy in a few hours. Now, I'm left with the desire to still play D3, but I don't really know what to do now. Since I don't have any other things to do around this time, D3 is going to have to be my new time waster for the time being.

    So should I be running MP0-1 with my set of gear? I don't have a profiler link (I'll put one in later) since the sites are all down but my stats in general are

    ~720 all resists
    ~36k dps as dual wield
    +35% crit chance
    +255% crit damage
    ~700 LoH
    1.92 attacks per second
    4-5k(?) armor
    41k HP

    I want to farm for paragon levels/rares but I don't really know where to start? How are monks doing in the farming department? What MP level is the fastest and is the most efficient? What path should I take?

    Also, once I get a profile link up could I get some advice as to how to improve my set a bit more to farm even harder difficulty.

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    people say that MP0 is the best for XP since you kill alot of stuff very quick.

    IMO the best place to "farm" XP is where you feel confortable. There are some guides on youtube about the best fastest bla bla way. I find them boring.
    Also for MP0 you can lower your rezists and increase your dps a bit. Also you could join Multi games starting with Machines of war and see how it goes.
    Good luck.

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