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    I have an ore supplier, which professions should I take up for max income?

    Hey guys, my friend of mine is supplying me ores at a reduced price. So I'm wondering, what are the best professions to make the greatest profit from these ores? I currently have three level 85's and one level 90.The three 85's are a jewelcrafter(lvl 525)/enchanter(level 525), herbalist(lvl 540)/miner(lvl 525), and the third 85 does not have any professions. I recently got my new main to level 90 (Warlock) which is also without a profession. I also have 6 other alts which are lower level that do not have any professions. So I'm wondering, seeing as how I have an ore supplier; what are the best professions for me to take up for maximum income? I don't mind replacing the current professions I currently have, such as mining for example seeing as how I probably won't be needing that anymore. Also, once I have the right professions, what are the steps I need to take to ensure I get a decent profit? Really appreciate your help guys, apologies for any grammar mistakes. Thanks =)

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    Is your friends name honorbuddy, pirox or mmolazy by any chance?

    I'd go for Jewelcrafting and Enchanting. Get gems out of the ores, craft mounts with them and sell these. With the green gems, make jewelry and DE these, selling either the mats or enchants on ah too.
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    Depends largely on which server you're on, but the two best choices are Jewelcrafting only, or Jewelcrafting with Enchanting. Engineering and Blacksmithing aren't too great as gear from Dread Wastes is better for the most part than anything you can make. Assuming that 1 stack of ore is less than what you expect to earn from the previously mentioned methods:

    1. Check to see what's going for more on your server: Uncommon and Rare gems versus Spirit Dust, Mysterious Essence, Ethereal Shard, and Sha Crystal
    2. If gems are worth more, it's most likely in the specific cut rare gems than anything else, though I suppose you might be able to make some money selling uncut uncommon gems for people going for perfect cuts. May also want to consider selling stacks of uncut rare gems used for the Jewelcrafting mounts, but this is a minor amount of profit.
    3. If Enchanting mats are worth more, convert all of your gems into rings (normal mats) and recipes that require Serpent's Eye (which you'll be getting a ton of from prospecting), then disenchant everything.
    4. Could also take a mixed approach of the above two, particularly if the Serpent's Eye recipes sell for more than an Ethereal Shard.

    The one advantage that Enchanting materials have over all other professions is that the cost of posting them is only 1 silver.

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    Nope, he isn't any of the names you listed haha. Oh okay, that's good news since my jc/enchanting is already high level. I have four professions slots not being used atm. Is Alchemy a viable option since I can smelt the ores provided to me and then transmute them to Trillium Bar?

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    Maybe the ones that use ore?
    In this order. JC (All designs), Enchanter, Alchemist (Transmute specialist- transmute primal diamonds and gems with golden lotus), BS, especially if you get epic recipes.

    The reason being you benefit from synergies that is one profession complementing another. Just do the shuffle. Loads of threads on that.

    Make sure the price you pay the other person is competitive and based on the market rate.

    Start off with 100, 200, 500 stacks.
    To maximise your profit you need to turn the ire into what people want i.e the cut or raw gems and sell them at the cheapest price. The bigger variety of in demand gems you have for sale at the cheapest price then the more sales you make. Same goes for enchanting market. Sell what people want at prices lower than your competitors.

    That's all there is to it. Having professions is a given, but its how you apply yourself that will make the difference. Learn what sells and what doesnt.

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    Caveat that you should check prices on your server before deciding, my advice is general.

    If it were me however I'd throw alchemy on your unprofessioned alt and take transmute mastery. Then make trillium > truesteel daily with some of it (have to weigh up yourself if trillium alone is worth selling). Then prospect the rest, cutting the green gems to get perfects and sell and turning the blue gems into primal diamonds (xmute master again), which you can cut/sell raw depending on server prices. Any leftovers can then be used to make jewellery to sell/de depending on what's worth more.

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