We are an adult only raiding guild located on Antonidas server. We have been raiding since Mid B.C. With people coming and going the whole time we have never once been at risk of colapse due to drama or boredom. We complete the content of each expansion at a steady pace.

Can you say that for the guild you are currently in?

Are you stuggling just to complete the first raid instance? Are you in a guild that still have half it's members below 90? Do you run into this every expansion and stand by your guild and "friends" hoping that it will get better one of these years?

Do your hopes at improvement never come?

Join us. We run multiple raiding groups based on current guild population, guild demand, and skill level of players.

Our core group was one of only seven on our server to legitimately down heroic deathwing without the aid of other guilds.

Come join us as we do the same during MOP or any future expac.


REAL ID our GM at [email protected]

Till then Great Raiding to you!