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    Long time destro player here and I fully agree it deserves this nerf.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Highmoon7 View Post
    No. You're right. Let's have only 1-2 classes be able to aoe flag and only let those few classes be op in RBGs.
    Every melee can stop caps with cleave/AoE. For casters, Affliction can channel RoF, Demo can channel Hellfire, use HoG or use the pet, Destro now has to F&B so yes destro can still prevent caps with AoE (GASP!!! OMGOPOPOPOPOP), Boomkins can use shrooms or have to channel their AoE, Frost channel Blizzard or use AE, Arcane can AE, Fire can Dragon's Breath and Flame Strike (Not sure if Inferno Blast spread stops caps), Elemental can Chain Lighting, EQ or Thunderstorm, SPriests can Halo, Psychic Scream and Mind Sear (how exactly does Mind Sear not work?), and Hunters can obviously multi shot.

    Unless you were being sarcastic, in which case I still don't understand how Mind Sear doesn't work. If you have both Halo and Psychic Scream on CD you Mind Sear one target, which does damage at the end of the GCD and then breaks the cap no?

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    good change now just need to do the same thing with most aoe, aoe breaking cap is one of the reason why gilneas is always such a horrible map in rbgs

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    I don't think it was that op, the duration is not a minute like some people seem to think on this forum, also it costs a global. Stealth classes have enough cc to cap flags, knockbacks stuns smokebomb etc. I dont think we should pity them for having an ability with a large radius. Sure maybe they could do something about it, but always downright nerfing warlocks at the slightest hint of forum qq is just horrible. Banish havoc got classified a bug aswell and got removed. Well just goes to show stupid warlocks being op, atleats mages got nerfed too right, cause if they didnt that would be ridiculous, oh wait what. alt f4

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