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    [A] <Downfall> - Gorgonnash-US is recruiting for 25 man.

    Our 25man raid is recruiting skilled players with great attitudes looking for a relaxed and comfortable raiding environment. We raid two nights a week: Monday and Wednesday from 6pm server to 9pm server (PST).

    Downfall also welcomes all casual players to help expand our vibrant community.

    Apply at downfallguild.org . Create a profile and you will be approved within a couple of hours. Once approved you can start your application process. Feel free to contact Atar, Elapsed, or Grasen to expedite your application process, and answer any questions.
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    bump. still looking

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    Any chance of you guys guild transferring to a server that isn't completely dead?

    High population servers are much more fun to play on.

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    we have talked about it. But would have to leave to many behind. We are one of the largest guilds on gorg left and have been on gorg since the beginning. Gorg used to be a high pop server. Ahhh the good ole days lol. The cost to transfer everyone is just to high. And we aren't willing to leave people we have played with for years behind. Downfall has an awesome internal community. For better or worse, Gorg is our home. We will raid still.

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