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    Looking for some help making a gearing decision

    Hello all,

    Just wanted to know if anyone could give input on a conundrum I'm having. Typically, I use RAWR.mage for this but it doesn't seem to be working properly for me. Anywho, I got 2 more pieces of tier from LFR and I am trying to figure out if the 4 piece is worth replacing the current pieces I have:


    I have the LFR Tier Helm and the LFR Tier chest now. My instinct is that it isn't an upgrade or maybe a sidegrade. I'm downloading simcraft tomorrow to try and see if it can tell me, but too tired tonight. I just thought maybe someone might mosey by and see this and have already done the math in a similar situation.

    Thanks for any help!

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    As frost, it will definitely be worth it to use your 4pc.

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    Ok, I broke it down and it looks like a loss of 139 + 62 int from chest and helm that I have now, plus a loss of ... 229 secondary stats between the two pieces. Yea, I guess that's a fair trade for IV every 1.5 min.

    Thanks for the input! Nice mog on the Loshan btw

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