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    [H] Entropy 25man @ Dragonmaw is recruiting

    Entropy is a PvE guild with a fast and steady progress residing on Dragonmaw. The guild was created in the early stages of vanilla and became a single entity by the name of Entropy in the early stages of BC. We have worked hard with our dedicated members to enjoy all end game content available.

    Shaman: all specs
    -Dk: all specs
    -Monk: healer and tank
    -Druid: all specs
    -Warrior: dd
    -Paladin: holy
    -Priest: shadow

    Current Progress:

    -Mogu'shan Vaults: 6/6 Normal 5/6 Heroic

    -Heart of Fear: 6/6 Normal 3/6 Heroic

    -Terrace of Endless Spring 4/4 Normal 0/4 Heroic

    -Protectors of The Endless Normal Elite Mode completed

    Here is a bit info about us:

    *We use EPGP and rank priority loot system. When loot drops people who need loot /roll on it. First we watch the rank then epgp ratio. Rank priority: Officers/cores > members > trials. Offspec loot is free but officers decide who gets it.


    - skills, fast reactions, knowledge and ability to think for yourself is highly appreciated!

    - appropriate gear;

    - the more xp in raiding, the better;

    - thorough understanding of your class/spec and mechanics of raiding;

    - access to Ventrilo and headset;

    - a decent fluency in English;

    - age over 18 and a mature and friendly attitude is a big plus;

    *Raiding schedule: Sun-Wed, from 19:15 - 24:00. Raiding times are subject to change during summer and holidays. We requier all raiders to attend 60% + of our raids, core raiders must have 75%+ attendance.

    If you are interested, you can apply on

    If you have any questions - feel free to ask anyone of the officer team: Horsecarer/Thorias/Blindknight/Polaarius/Neio
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    Join us! We need a few decent players to push some real progress!

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    Bump! We're trying to progress on HOF HC!

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    Bump me UP before you go go...

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    Check out our forum

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    Still looking for players. BUMP!

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    BUMP! Looking for more classes.

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    BUMP! Classes updated, 1st HC boss in HoF bites the dust!

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    Chop chop ppl..we raid 4 days per week! If you join us u most likely will have 100% raid spot!

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    I like to bump it bump it...

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    Visit our forum at

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