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    The first time I had to go to Stormwind was at level 15 to train 2 handed sword skill with Master Woo. I'd been playing WOW about a week and was completely hooked, but so far I'd only seen Teldrassil, Darkshore, and Ashenvale, so the game was pretty much all about night elves and night elf lands to me.

    Seeing the way the terrain was so radically different in style and atmosphere when I walked from Menethil Harbor to Stormwind was my favorite video game moment ever. On that walk specifically I recall the sounds of the Wetlands reminding me of Africa with the wilerbeest sounds and the weird silver look to the sun, and the mountain passes and tunnels between the Wetlands and Loch Modan.

    When you walk out of the first tunnel and make that sharp zigzag U turn that goes back up into a new mountain tunnel, just before where you go back in the tunnel where sometimes a Dragonmaw orc spawns, there is a great scenic view of the Wetlands. There are also dwarven ruins all over the mountains you see poking out and I was just caught up wondering if somehow I'd someday be inside those mountains looking out the window able to recognize this lonely mountain road. I guess that would be the place, though Loch Modan's fat green pine trees and Dun Morogh's snow caked pines and cobblestones come close.

    But Teldrassil in many ways means more to me.

    It's a shame what burn out can do to these places. It's almost like you don't even see them anymore after seeing them for the 100,000th time.
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    Hmmm, tirisfall glades. More specifically the Agamand Mills. other than that, most forsaken areas and the night elf ones.
    The forsaken needs to take over some night elf territory, so we can have a night elf zone with the new forsaken architecture! That would be so awesome.

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    I would say old Westfall or Duskwood. The story lines were really good and the locations were just fantastic. I also really liked Desolace back in vanilla as well mainly because I was the only person there lol. My other favorite place would be Karazhan, not just the raid but the surrounding area including Deadwind Pass.
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    The waterfalls of Nagrand. Being deaf, I only get to see places and read the words on the screen. For me, this was the most calming place for me. I would come here late at night, make a campfire up on one of the floating rocks and look out at the sky and the waterfalls. I imagine if there is a heaven, it might look something like this.
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    Tried searching google for a picture but couldn't find anything and I'm at work so I can't get one but outside of Shattrath there were these floatinig islands and one of them had a bunch of flowers on it. Was pretty neat.

    Other than that Nagrand with all the floating islands with waterfalls coming off of them. When I was able to have a flying mount it was awesome to fly up there. (Note: See poster above for what I'm talking about)

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    The nostalgia this game has produced for me is incredible.

    I started a month after wow came out. The game was new and fresh and was like nothing i ever played before. All of the vanilla zones for leveling that had people collaboratively playing and shouting every time a horde was around.

    I spent more time in raid zones then anything in my wow career. MC and BWL are like old friends that never get old. You can only think what has happened to all the people we enjoyed raiding with well before

    Nef 30min reset timer ftl..

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