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    [A] <Seren> 10 man guild Stormrage - EU

    Our Website: seren-guild.com

    Seren is a brand new alliance pve raiding guild in Stormrage Eu.
    We are looking for dedicated players to join our raiding team and help us progress.
    We want skilled, mature players with a thirst to start from scratch and progress if possible all the way to the top 5!
    So if you are of age 20 and above and are willing to work hard this is the guild for you!
    What can we offer you? A friendly environment with enthusiastic people that are mostly having fun but take our raiding very seriously.
    We are all experienced players, most of us playing since vanilla and currently looking for people to fill our 10 man raiding team
    We are currently recruiting:

    1 warrior prot (medium)
    1 hunter (high)
    1 death knight frost/unholy (medium)

    So if you want to be part of your raiding team you can apply to : seren-guild.com.

    For more information you can always whisper online : Arindel, Slimline, Chaslene or Dilithium.
    My real ID is Arindel#2478.
    We are more than happy to answer any questions
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    Rogue spot closed

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    Still looking for skilled players to join our team!

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    Do you take raiding serious? We do too!
    Do you take yourself serious all the time? We won't

    We like enjoying the game together and reward eachother with snappy comebacks often! If you are looking for a fun gaming time with serious progression raiding then check out our website: seren-guild.com

    Like Ari said, rogue spot has been filled already but we are still looking for more mature, skilled raiders with a sense of humour.
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    Still looking for players to fill our 10 man

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    Things are moving fast now, we got people in that are transferring realms. So shaman spot and pally spot are taken. We still need a few good raiders:

    Resto druid (high)
    Hunter (medium)
    Prot warr (medium)
    Dk dps (medium)

    Feel free to check out our website: seren-guild . com

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    Our core 10 man is almost complete!

    We are mainly still looking for a hunter and a balance druid!
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    Still in the hunt for a balance druid with a resto offspec and a hunter to join our team

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    Our raid team is still not complete though we did manage to have some progress with a few pugs in So as soon as we get our last 2 players in we are good to go !

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    Druid spot closed just need 1 hunter to fill our 10 man

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    We have now filled our raid team. Full guild runs are starting wednesday although we have done good with pugs 6/6 MSV and 2/6 HoF.

    Good luck to you all and see you around in Azeroth.


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