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    Let's say there is a 7th Sha, and said Sha just happens to be Revenge, there really wouldn't be a better host. Blizzard using Garrosh as a red herring would an interesting move. Say she goes further off the deep end, gets possessed by a Sha, and starts a mass genocide in Org. That would be a hell of a twist. I wouldn't see us killing her, at least not intentionally, just purging the Sha from her body. In the chaos, Garrosh could either be critically injured, or possibly even sacrifice himself to save someone else(Thrall). So in the end he would be removed from his position, but also slightly redeemed in the eyes of his people.
    perfect scenario

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    Quote Originally Posted by Contri View Post
    Just like they said Illidan was the final boss in TBC?
    Just like they said Arthas was the final boss in Wotlk?
    They released Black Temple to quickly if you played around that time you would of known & Arthas was the last boss cause Halion was just a sub boss during the year we had ICC.
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    The end boss is going to be The Daily Quest. It will claim a great many lives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Contri View Post
    Just like they said Illidan was the final boss in TBC?
    Just like they said Arthas was the final boss in Wotlk?
    Arthas was the final boss in WotLK. Halion was a stand alone boss released shortly prior to Cataclysm's release and was there to set up the story of Cataclysm and the Twilight Dragonflight.

    And Blizzard never, ever, ever ever ever ever said Illidan was the final boss in TBC. He was in the cinematic because he's a well known and established character and he was a major part of the expansion, but everything in it was leading to us fighting Kil'jaeden. People claim that SWP was tacked on at the end because they read that somewhere, but it's just not true. You don't hurry up and rush and make an emergency raid, especially one as well made as SWP that had an entire staggered daily hub surrounding it. Kael'thas even made mention of his people summoning his true master before Black Temple was even released.

    Even the name of the expansion. The Burning Crusade. We were fighting... the Burning Legion.

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    an encounter with jaina would be cool but I'd like Garrosh as an end boss and maybe wrathion or some puppet master as a heroic end boss.

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    Plot twist: Garrosh and Jaina fuse together and mighty morph into a hideous revenge monster of doom. There's your final boss.

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    Idk if this would work as a mechanic but it would be pretty cool if the last boss was Jaina vs Garrosh and we have to try and stop them both destroying everything and killing each other.

    I guess it would fail because its ultimately gonna be an add fight which would make a pretty lacklustre final encounter.

    Unless it starts with us having to control the adds (Jaina and Garrosh's forces) then maybe every so often one gets the other down and we have to fight off a killing blow, then they continue fighting we do some more adds until the final when Garrosh almost kills Jaina but someone like Thrall or Varian stops and kills him.

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