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    LT Blink Strike macro

    any way to macro it to something? Not a huge fan of million buttons
    I'm SV and MM, I'd like to macro it to Arcane Shot, or anything else so I wouldn't even notice that crap skill.

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    Blink Strike is on the GCD, so you can't macro it to anything on the GCD. We have nothing we would press every 20s that's not on the GCD, so basically you have to push it separately.

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    You could place it in a keybinded targetting macro that sends in your pet. You can avoid using a GCD by using the Marked for Death glyph so it auto applies Hunter's Mark.

    EDIT: Plus it kinda acts like an instant dash with damage to boot, leaving you free to use a defensive macro to turn on shell shield if a turtle, cower or use dash to get your pet out of danger.
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    I'm fairly sure you should be be using AMoC as Survival or MM.

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