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    Starting a Monk

    Hey all. I got Diablo 3 when it was out, played inferno as a barb and then took a really long break to play some other games. Just got back to Diablo and decided to start playing a monk. Can anyone tell me the best abilites/passives and what gear to look for if I am co-oping with my girlfriend who is a wizard? Should I DW or use a shield?

    Any help would be great. Thanks!

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    You look for gear with All resist and a secondary resist. (usually poison imo) THen you use one with everything and every poison resist effectively becomes all resist.

    You always dual wield and look for weapons with loh and a socket on one hand and crit damage and a socket on the other hand. Preferably with a minimum of 1.4 attacks per second each.

    As you deal more DPS life steal becomes a better stat then the loh.

    Inna's pants are the best for monks. Usually paired with Inna's helm or Inna's belt.

    Nats set also gives 7% crit (2) and 130 dex (3) but you can only use the helm, ring and boots.

    Very general comments and as you start your build it will be easier to suggest improvements.

    Sweeping wind build is popular and easy to find guides on.
    Holy Bell build was used a bit and does good burst damage

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    Monk gear is pretty expensive now days. For builds and gear, you can find more info here

    A guy named Gatsu provides new monks or players who want to try out the class with a complete set of gear for MP4-5 here:

    Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spider Klein View Post
    ...You always dual wield...
    Sweeping wind build is popular and easy to find guides on.
    Sweeping wind takes a damage snapshot from the moment it is cast and does most damage with Skorn as it has the far superior damage range compared to a 1 hander.

    I have no idea about which one is more popular, but Skorn+Sweeping Wind is a very real option for monks. With it, I can do MP1 tempest rush runs(~10 spirit regen/s) for 60+m exp per hour and by changing up the build I can also do MP10 alone or with a friend if I feel like it.

    So, just putting that out there.

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