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    Which Stance?

    SO i am trying fury spec for the first time in lfr today and i was just wondering which stance is best? battle or berserker, thanks all.

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    Aren't the tooltips obvious enough? You should be in battle stance most of the time.

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    Battle stance generates more rage every time you melee swing than what Berserker stance does. So battle stance.

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    For fights where there isn't much strong pulsing raid damage, you should use battle stance. If you know that a raid wide damage burst is about to happen, switch to berserker, then switch back to battle after the damage goes out. Using MSV as an example, these are good times to do the new stance dance:

    Stone Guard: When Overload is about to happen. If the healers are good, you can also just stand in Amethyst Pool and stay in Berserker Stance

    Feng: Epicenter, Wildfire/Draw Flame stacks, Arcane Velocity are all good Berserker Stance times, but mostly dependent on healers keeping you up. Stay in Battle and avoid mechanics if you're afraid you'll die.

    Garajal: If you are Voodoo Dolled go Berserker, otherwise Battle Stance

    Spirit Kings: First king when you have to stack on tank go Berserker. Should remain in Battle afterwards

    Elegon: If you have DBM or another raid warning addon, whenever the add is 25% and about to explode you should be in Berserker. Otherwise Battle.

    Will of the Emperor: Battle Stance for the entire fight. Could test if Berserker during Titan Gas is worth it.

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    Berserker rage is a DPS increase anytime you're losing more ~2% of your health / second. That means always switch to it when DoTs are on you, and switch back and forth in anticipation of mechanics, like the above poster is saying. Don't just stick to the idea that you're "good" as battle stance in a certain fight. Whenever you take noticeable damage and weren't in zerker stance, you lost potential DPS.

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    especially during execute phase, that extra rage helps alot.

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    Without being specific you'll want to remain in Battle stance unless you are in a situation where you are taking consistent relatively high damage.

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    Battle stance if you don't take a constant stream of dmg then berserk.

    Read the tooltip before posting. You could just have googled it and you would have found the answear alot faster than waiting for replys here.

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    For PvE? Battle Stance.

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