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    Warrior Tank Analysis

    Hey guys, My raid team has a trial warrior tank, and we haven't been impressed with his performance. I've already gone over his logs extensively, as well as what I've seen in-raid. Basically what it comes down to is his learning curve is far too steep for our liking, and his active mitigation and damage dealt isn't to our liking either. I'd like a second opinion or two, if you guys wouldn't mind checking out his logs/armory and telling me if you see anything wrong. I'm still not allowed to post links, but his logs can be found under Zarakì on US-Stormrage, and his name is Steven, also under US-Stormrage.
    Here's what I've gathered from logs and experience in raid:
    - Shield Block/Barrier not being used enough.
    - Shield Slam/Revenge not being used on cooldown.
    - Wasting Ultimatum and Sword and Board procs.
    - Using some big CDs right before our main tank taunts.
    - Taunting too slow, and not taunting unless called for.
    - Rage capping a lot.
    Thanks in advanced everyone!

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    Im not going to go look up those logs, I trust you already know what you are talking about... if he isnt using shield slam or revenge on cd thats a problem as it lowers the ammount of shield block/barriers he will get out, which he apparently has a problem with. Wasting ultimatum procs isnt that big a deal, as its not that large a source of dps, but sword and board is, as that is a large chunk of rage gen. Using big cds right before the other tank taunts either means lack of communication, hes using them on cd, or hes not familiar enough with the fights. Some rage capping is fine, as it is like saving mitigation for a point of higher damage, but he shouldnt be ragecapped for long periods of time (depends on the fight... On will you want to ragecap during devastating combo so you can throw some mitigation up when boss starts pounding your face again)

    About taunts, seems like this could be more due to communication, as if I was a new tank in a guild i wanted to impress, i probably wouldnt taunt unless I knew I was supposed to. If you have made it clear he is supposed to taunt however...

    All in all it sounds like you have found a poor tank who you hoped would work out, but isnt going to. Id keep your recruitment open

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    Gemming is kind of weird ( chest fx ). Personally, i don't go for the hard cap expertise but trying to aim for ~ 9%. This is still getting heavily discussed, though. I could spend some time on analyzing him but I'm on my way to a final. The bottom line is that if you don't like his playstyle, replace him.
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    So basically what you're saying is that you're a guild that is serious enough to take the time to go over logs extensively and you have a trial who appearently can't play his class? I don't really seem to see the problem, unless you're in the business of teaching people how to play then maybe you should look to trial someone else. Not to come off sounding like a total douche, but the circumstances confuzzle me.

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