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    Which EU countries eligible for a RAF account?

    As title.

    I cant find a topic about this anywhere.

    Also, if the veteran account is on a country that allows RAF can he invite a new account from a country that RAF is not allowed?


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    Since this is open i ask .. what about turkey?

    Is it allowed there ?

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    what i know raf is allowed in UK,DE
    and not in CZ
    dont know other or answer to 2nd question

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    It's allowed in Holland. I don't really know about other European countries.


    From Blizzard's RAF-FAQ:
    Players with a World of Warcraft account from the following countries are able to use the "Recruit A Friend" service: Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine and United Kingdom. Players from outside of these countries; players with Starter Edition accounts, or with full accounts with 20 referrals from the "Recruit A Friend" service currently pending, are ineligible.
    I think anyone in one of the countries that aren't eligible won't be able to use RAF, wether it is the veteran account or the new account.
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    thanks for the replies, i would really like an answer on the second part though.

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