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    [Blood] Weapon comparison. Opinions?

    So, I have H Starshatter (2/2) vs. LFR Shin'ka (0/2).

    Only have enough VP to upgrade Shin'ka to (1/2) this week.

    As blood, would the weapon damage loss be worth the mastery gain? I should probably mention that I am an orc and would benefit from the expertise bonus from Shin'ka as well. Also, I have access to the +500 Str gem as well as 4pc tier bonus.

    I have no access to sims, hence asking you guys for opinions.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Do you need the DPS, or the mitigation? I would have thought someone with HC Elegon down would know these kind of things tbh. o.O No disrespect like, but yeah.

    Then again since you mentioned HC to LFR, the SS HC would probably still beat Shin'ka. Point still stands, though.

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    SS should be your choice here.

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    I'd even use Starshatter Normal over LFR Shin'Ka
    And I don't really see a point in spending points on upgrading an LFR weapon just for the mastery upgrade since upgrading armor items will usually give you a much higher survivability boost
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    There is very little reason to upgrade LFR weapons in the first place, unless you are already beyond picking up vp items. In this particular situation, SS will serve you better than Shin'ka.


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