Shadowsong, a level 25, semi hardcore raiding guild, is looking to fill its ranks.

We are currently in need of 1 Tank, an additional healer and a few Ranged DPS.

Alternatively, if there are any guilds out there struggling to recruit in the current climate and are looking to merge, Shadowsong will gladly make its home yours.

The guild has been around for many years - surviving the opening of the Dark Portal, waging war on the Lich King, defending Azeroth when she needed it the most during the Cataclysm and now it is defending the peace of the lands of Pandaria.

We have always had a high quality of raiding clearing all raids in past expansions, ranking 14th on Defias Brotherhood in Dragon Soul heroic.

We are now currently 10 / 16 where we have unfortunately been delayed in our progression as members have had real life commitments causing them to quit raiding and / or Warcraft.

We currently raid, Wed / Thurs / Sun 20:15 to 00:00 (Server Time) where we are currently focusing on progression through Heart of Fear, and we normally run a MSV run depending upon time / sign ups where we will normally clear in under 2hours.

For more information, or to talk to an officer, please visit or /w Mardith, Zanatana or Remeth ingame.